Interview Action

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An Interview to support the Hidden Depths gig – kindly using an old photo so’s I look young and er …still ahead of the game.

landslide interview


My annual DJ outing….

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My annual DJ outing....

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Classic records

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Remix Album

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Today is the official release of the ‘Peak’ remix album, it represents the works of some of the most exciting new producers along with some better known artists. What’s nice about this is that it’s not just a batch of DJ tools but a whole listening experience as well, an album in its own right but with some widely varying global references. Check the soundcloud page for the hyperbolic descriptions and links to the remixers. Mega thanks to all involved especially Sarah Sweeney for the A&R.

Interview Action

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Landslide – Peak LP & Exclusive Interview | Sitting Ovation.

“electronic artists don’t look at the camera any more, and urban dread is well passe´ and you look like a haggard 90’s producer” – “oh”

New Album – ‘Peak’

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My new album ‘Peak’ is officially released today 8/8/11 and in a carefully co-ordinated PR exercise stock markets and social unrest have been implemented to highlight the album theme: Peak explores resource depletion,  dominance hierarchy syndrome, capitalist realism and general dystopian tendencies…… ok enough opportunistic PR exploitation but it’s oh so convenient in terms of the underlying concept of the album which I will write more on in the next post.  Meanwhile check the tunes with the featured vocalists including Sabira Jade, Colonel Red, Kate Tempest, Spoonface and Prod.

Landslide – Dig Deeper

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The Brand new single is on its way –  release date 2/5/11 on Round The Houses. It features the vocal talents of Sabira Jade with a host of remixes including Twbador and Throwing Snow.  Already plays on Giles Peterson, Adam Walton, Kev Beadle and Dom Servini.  Also watch out for a limited free version over on the Nice Up! blog.

Parables player

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(Edit Update June 2013) Parables featured the incredible talent of poet / mc Kate Tempest, when originally recorded in 2008 she was just starting to surface on the poetry scene and had yet to really feature on many recording projects. She just recently won the Ted Hughes prize for new work in poetry. She is quite simply a stunning performer and people have been slowly catching onto her for the last several years.


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First they forget you then they call you an outsider…..
Blackacre feat on Huw Stephens by Tim Land

When people forget you….

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I know I’ve gone off the radar but didn’t know I had slipped memory as well. A remix for Compound One is just about to surface – played on Ras Kwame show 06/06/10 he states: “”I don’t know if landslide is a person or name or something….but it’s heavy regardless” He’s always played my tracks and I’m sure there was a comprehension that it was me – that spoddy bloke he used to chat to in Forward…

Get Loose by Tim Land