When people forget you….

Posted in Landslide Info by Tim Land on 09/06/2010

I know I’ve gone off the radar but didn’t know I had slipped memory as well. A remix for Compound One is just about to surface – played on Ras Kwame show 06/06/10 he states: “”I don’t know if landslide is a person or name or something….but it’s heavy regardless” He’s always played my tracks and I’m sure there was a comprehension that it was me – that spoddy bloke he used to chat to in Forward…

Get Loose by Tim Land


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Posted in Landslide Info by Tim Land on 17/01/2010

Knowledge 056.

Thanks to Dave Haynes for finding this – some words in a knowledge article about broken beat….   when new forms were the deviation of a 4 to the floor beat….